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Appetizers (Passed or Stationed)

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$2.75 per person for Appetizers

Station Prices Vary

Entrees, Sides & Salads

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Add breadsticks or rolls to any dinner or meal package for $1.75 per person


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• Tea / Water Station 

($2.50 per person)

• Aguas Frescas, Per Flavor ($3 per person)

• Starbucks Coffee Dispenser Station / Mexican Hot Cocoa  ($4.50 per person ea)

• Bar Mixer Package – Soda, Juice, Mixers, Topos, Syrups, Garnish, Cups, Ice, Straws, Napkins, Coolers, Signature Drink Craft Service and Supply ($8 per person; it’s everything but the alcohol!) Signature Drink crafting included


Late-night Snacks

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Customized options are available; let’s chat!

  • Street Tacos
  •  Breakfast Tacos
  • Sliders & Handhelds
  • Biscuit Sandwiches
  • Queso & Chips
  • Gourmet Hot Dogs
  • Spiced Popcorn and Candy Bar Station
  • Funnel Cake Fries
  • Empanadas! 
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